A New Leaf
A New Leaf

A New Leaf, Inc. is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization providing foster care services for children and families, serving Central and Southern Ohio.

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About Us

A New Leaf, Inc., founded in October 2003, is a non-profit organization providing specialized foster care services for children and families. We are located in Circleville, Ohio and serve Central and Southern Ohio.

We have effective services that build solid relations with family, peers, school, and communities. A New Leaf provides services that are individualized and family-centered. Most importantly, we have children with a voice and caretakers that listen.

Mission Statement

Putting families with wants and kids with needs together.

Vision Statement

Striving to provide a positive Foster
     H elping to cope.
     O pting for encouragement and community.
     M aking it possible for a Kid to be a Kid.
     E ager to listen.

  • Our homes will effectively meet the needs of children, their primary families, and their foster families with respect to personal dignity and worth of each member.
  • We will advocate for each child's rights, encourage personal development, and embrace diversity.
  • We will provide an environment focused on accountability, structured for individual needs and the betterment and safety of each child.

Service Components

  • Pre-Adoptive Infant Foster Care - provides quality family and community supports to/for children in service.
  • Family Foster Care - provides quality family and community supports to/for the children in service.
  • Treatment Foster Care – provides quality family and community supports to/for children with specialized needs. Children in need of treatment foster care may have a psychiatric diagnosis, behavioral issues, medical concerns, and/or physical problems. These children may require a more intensive service plan.
  • Independent Living Skills Training - provides training for children in preparation of adult life in the community.
  • Respite Care - offers temporary out-of-home care for children and families.

Service Referrals

  • Children may have been sexually, physically, and/or emotionally abused, neglected and are unable to live in their family's home.
  • Children that may have drug/alcohol issues, emotional problems, a developmental disability, or behavioral challenges.
  • Children that need guidance and encouragement to finish their high school education.
  • Families that need temporary and/or ongoing assistance to maintain their child in their home.
  • A child’s home of origin is typically from Central and Southern Ohio.
  • Age ranges from 0 – 21 years of age.
  • Children and families are typically referred through county children service agencies.

Service Delivery

Foster Parents:

  • We have 50 certified foster homes in Central and Southern Ohio.
  • Foster parents provide a safe, caring, learning environment for children in care.
  • They are involved with the child's education, counseling, medical needs, community involvement, visits with family of origin, recreational activities, etc.
  • They maintain weekly documentation of services to/for children (i.e. medication administration, behavioral charting, school attendance, visits, etc.).
  • And they receive support from us at A New Leaf… You will not be alone as you support a child in need.

Case Management Staff:

  • Collaborate and coordinate with referring agencies in developing, monitoring, and implementing the case/treatment plans for children;
  • Visit foster home three (2) times per month;
  • Support foster caregivers and children;
  • Provide skill development for a child's entrance into adulthood.

Licensing Staff:

  • Initiate and maintain certifications of foster homes;
  • Maintain and administer foster caregiver's training needs and plans;
  • Ensure adherence of state regulations for providing foster care.

Agency Benefits

  • A New Leaf will pay for respite services for each child in foster care that is in your home, up to 2 days per month;
  • We will issue clothing vouchers for each child 3 times a year;
  • We will provide emergency clothing vouchers, as needed;
  • We will provide cribs and car seats as needed when the child comes into care;
  • We arrange for agency outings for each family associated with A New Leaf. These outings have included watching a Columbus Crew soccer game, picnic at the Columbus Zoo, an annual fish fry, baseball games, an annual holiday party, etc.
  • We provide 24-hour on-call services for emergencies; and
  • We support, respect, and listen to each foster parent and child with our agency.